Back Soundlights project in congress and in media

Soundlights project in congress and in media

The project aims to address the problem of urban noise pollution through the use of AI and citizen science


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On the occasion of the International Noise Awareness Day, the Soundlights project was presented at the congress, an event for the acoustic sector in Catalonia focused on technological, intangible, and social solutions, inviting reflection and discussion of challenges and dilemmas. 

Frederic Font, researcher at the project, participated in a panel on the use of AI in acoustics, presenting the Soundlights project.

The project was also featured in an article on the RTVE website presenting different projects using AI to reduce noise pollution. The article includes an interview with Marc Aguilar from BITLab, the project coordinator:

Inteligencia artificial contra el ruido: cinco soluciones inteligentes para un futuro más silencioso



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