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Distributed open sensors network and citizen science for the collective management of the city's sound environments

Project funded by BIT Habitat (Ajuntament de Barcelona) under the program La Ciutat Proactiva

Duration: December 1, 2023 to November 30, 2024
Partners: BitLab (Coordinator), MTG-UPF
Team (MTG): Frederic Font, Martin Rocamora


The SOUNDLIGHTS project aims at providing an innovative solution that allows citizen communities to become aware of the existing noise pollution problems and start a reduction process. Noise pollution is a serious problem in the city of Barcelona linked to health problems and negative social effects. The project proposes the design, prototyping and community deployment of a distributed network of low-cost acoustic sensors for the advanced analysis of the city's sound environments, which will allow filter undesired noise from culturally relevant sounds, and preserve the intangible sound heritage of the city.


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Funded by BIT Habitat: