This dataset was created in the context of the Pablo project, partially funded by KORG Inc. It contains monophonic recordings of two kind of exercises: single notes and scales. The dataset was reported in the following article:

Romaní Picas O., Parra Rodriguez H., Dabiri D., Tokuda H., Hariya W., Oishi K., & Serra X."A real-time system for measuring sound goodness in instrumental sounds", 138th Audio Engineering Society Convention (2015). 

The recordings were made in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra / Phonos recording studio by 15 different professional musicians, all of them holding a music degree and having some expertise in teaching. 12 different instruments were recorded using one or up to 4 different microphones (depending on the recording session). For all the instruments the whole set of playable semitones in the instrument is recorded several times with different tonal characteristics. Each note is recorded into a separate mono .flac audio file of 48kHz and 32 bits. The tonal characteristics are explained both in the the following section and the related publication.

The audio files are organised in one directory for each recording session. In addition to the files, one SQLite database file is included. The structure of the database is related in the following section.