Vés enrere Lugo, Nohemi



Nohemí Lugo  has a Ph.D. in Communication by University Pompeu Fabra (2016), a Master’s Degree in Spanish Literature by Western Michigan University (2002) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication by Tecnologico de Monterrey (1997). She is Assistant Professor  at the Department of Communication of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Queretaro Campus - Mexico, where she teaches digital and interactive media aesthetics, coordinates internships and digital media student projects in organizations and companies and coordinates a 6-course semester to create a transmedia narrative for social change. She has taught in University of California San Diego  and Western Michigan University (2000-2004).

Her research focuses on collective and transmedia storytelling design and how to nurture this design by practices found in affinity spaces and community practices on-line through digital etnography and storytelling analysis. She has published the book Relato digital. Continuidad y rompimiento en la narrativa (2012).

Research lines

I do applied research: I participate in multidisciplinary teams in order to design and develop methods, processes, materials and applications that promote social change through education, journalism, social inclusion, health and similar fields by using transmedia storytelling, game design principles, digital etnography, codesign.