The María de Maeztu Strategic Research Program supports a number of research assistantships to students enrolled in any of the DTIC-UPF undergraduate programs, linked to the projects executed in the context of the program and aligned with the policy objectives of the program, such as the promotion of open scholarship. These internships offer an excellent opportunity to work in ongoing research projects, with the potential to become topics for the final BSc thesis.

Academic course 2018-19

- Wikipedia Research Club: 2 INTERNSHIPS. Description 

Selected candidates: Ever Alfonso García. Javier Rando.

- Natural Language Processing and Zenodo: 1 INTERNSHIP. Description 

Selected candidate: Sergi Pastor.

- Sounds of Science: 1 INTERNSHIP. Description

Selected candidate: Genís Plaja

- Web development. 1 INTERNSHIP. Description

Selected candidate: Bahman Reshadi (MSc)

- CRT-EPiggy19 challenge. Description

Selected candidate: Carlos Albors.