Manuscript guidelines

Format and length: The maximum length is 25 pages, including cover page and main text (with figures). The sections Statement of contribution, Bibliography and the appendices are excluded from the count and can have any length. Please use font size 12-dpi, and line spacing 1.5 lines.

Structure: I will upload a template for the master thesis in Aula Global T1 Research Project. You may use the template to structure your manuscript, but it is not mandatory to follow exactly that template. In any case, the thesis is expected to have the following sections (feel free to adapt the order or structure to present your research work best): 

  • Cover page: Title, author, supervisor/s (and any other additional information). In the final submitted version, the cover page must include your signature and the signature of your supervisor. 
  • Abstract: Summary of the work (intro, method, results, conclusions) with max length =350 words.
  • Introduction: Review of the state of the art, scope of the research and main question/s, hypothesis and predictions.
  • Materials and Methods (actual or planned): Describe the stimuli and/or datasets used, experimental procedure and participants if applicable; Model description in the case of modelling would be included here.
  • Results and/or data analyses: If you have collected, simulated and/or analysed a dataset, report the results with descriptive / summary statistics, the analylsis pipeline / data processing you performed, and the statistical tests ran on the data along with the resulting outcomes.
  • Discussion and Conclusions: Summarise what you found, explain how it fits your predictions and whether it supports your initial hypothesis or not. Explain the relevance of the findings with respect to the literature discussed in the introduction. You may also discuss all or some of these aspects: How does your work connects with other findings, whether you found something unexpected and what it could mean, what additional problems/questions arise from your work, what are the limitations of the study, and what future questions you think it would be important to address. You are free to speculate but make it clear what parts of the discussion are speculative and which ones you can conclude from the data. 
  • Bibliography: Include a list of references to the works cited in the manuscript. Be consistent in your reference style (there are several different options, but in case of doubt the reference style is APA).
  • Statement of Contribution (see below).
  • Appendix/ces: The thesis should be self-contained and understandable from the main text. So, make sure all essential information is there. However, you can opt to include further information in appendix/ces. For example, supplementary results, extended discussion, additional descriptions of the materials and lists of stimuli, detailed descriptions of algorithms or statistical procedures can go in appendices.

Delivery: Works must be uploaded on Aula Global, just go into the course called  Treball de Recerca Fi de Màster and follow instructions. The TFM documents must be submitted in one file, in their final version, by deadline corresponding to your defence date. The front page must be signed by you and your supervisor (digital signature is ok).

File format: Please submit your work in PDF format. It is your responsibility that the docs can be correctly rendered for viewing and printing. 

Template: A Word template of the thesis is here.

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