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Departament de Ciències Polítiques i Socials

Luis Ortiz is a MA and Ph.D. by the Centre for the Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (CEACS) of the Juan March Institute of Research (now Carlos III-Juan March Social Science Research Institute). He has been Visiting Research Fellow at the Industrial Relations Research Unit (University of Warwick, UK) (1995-1996) and Invited Lecturer at the Department of Industrial Relations of the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research initially dealt with models of unionism, comparative industrial relations and unions' reaction to the introduction of new management techniques; more recently, he has done research on transition from school to work, skill mismatch, educational expansion and early school leaving. He has published in Work, Employment and Society, European Sociological Review, the European Journal of Industrial Relations and the British Journal of Industrial Relations, among others. Luis Ortiz is coordinator of the Research Master in Sociology and Demography (UPF), where he teaches 'Labour Market Policies and Economics'. He is also member of the scientific committee of the 'Transitions-in- Youth' European research network, the International Advisory Board of Work, Employment and Society and Doctor-Member of the Juan March Institute of Research.

Research lines

Transitions from school to work, occupational attainment, educational expansion, early school leaving, union membership and comparative industrial relations.