A "double degree" is a one-and-a-half or two-year master program offered jointly by the UPF and another European university. In a double degree master program students typically do all coursework required to graduate in two master degrees each offered by one of the two participating institutions (UPF's Research Master in Sociology and Demography and a second Master program offered by another institution). Coursework in carried out in the two institutions at different times during the duration of the program. In a double degree program, students write only one Master thesis, which is recognized by both institutions as part of the academic requirements of their own masters. After completing the program, students receive two Masters degrees, one from each institution.

Students who are interested in enrolling in one of these doubles degrees should state this interest in the motivation letter that is required for the application.

Currently, the Area of Socio-Demography of the UPF offers four double master degrees.


Students registered in a double degree program obtain additional benefits than they would if they registered independently in each master in two consecutive years. In particular, students benefit from:

  • Simplifying the admission procedure, since prospective students only need to apply once, and are admitted at the same time to the two master programs offered by the two participating institutions.
  • Writing only one master thesis that complies with the requirements of two Master degrees.
  • Receiving advice and guidance for writing their theses from qualified staff from two top academic institutions.
  • In some cases, students can finish their double degree studies in less time that they would if they took the two degrees independently.
  • Students benefit from a discount in the fees that they would pay if they registered independently in the two master programs.


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