Strategic communication has been the field of communication with the most professional opportunities in recent years, especially for graduates with the knowledge of the English language and a globalized perspective on communication. New economic and business challenges mean that a central factor in the survival of businesses and non-profit organizations is their fight against their competition and the maintenance of their reputation.

In this context, the demand for communication professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to address these issues has never been greater, despite (or because of) the current economic crisis. The master's degree in Strategic Communication Management and Public Relations offers this knowledge and these skills.

Its syllabus, which has been developed after identifying the needs of modern communication executives, is therefore focused on the acquisition of the basic skills needed in contemporary communication, and contributes to learning about professional practice in various areas: agencies, brand strategy firms, non-profit organizations, public and private companies and government bodies.

By means of practical training, students learn to think strategically, to have a global perspective on communication and public relations, and to become leaders in the digital world.

This master's degree is taught entirely in English, and students obtain a joint degree from the University of Stirling and Pompeu Fabra University. The first semester is taught in Stirling, and the second in Barcelona. Students choose where to study in the third semester, when they prepare their master's degree final project.