This Master is linked to GRITIM-UPF (Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration). We invite all Master students to register to GRITIM-UPF distributive list, and they will periodically receive information about the group activities in which you can participate. If there are activities specific to the Master, they will be announced in advanced. 


Why do former students recommend the Master?


  • The Masters in Migration Studies combines modules on research methods with knowledge on migration policies that have been implemented across Europe. This imparts a unique set of skills and knowledge. With students from all over the world it was a great way to meet new people and I am glad to have made friends for life. Isabel Clifford, British (12th Edition 2020-21)

  • The Migration Studies Master program at UPF allowed me to strengthen my basic and previous knowledge regarding migration flows and learn new and interesting ways to analyse such phenomena from the political science perspective (particularly in the Mediterranean region) thanks to their variety of courses as the interesting seminars. Additionally, it allowed me to continue understanding migration from the sociological perspective thanks to the double-degree option with the University of Liège. Eréndira León, Mexican (12th Edition 2020-21)

  • I was expecting to have a general background on Migration studies after I finish the Master, especially that it's only a 1 year program. However, I've gained much more knowledge on Migration with all its different aspects than I've expected. The program with the variety of compulsory and optional courses, and fruitful seminars with professors and experts in the field, paved the way for me to decide on how I would like to pursue my career. Mostafa Mohamed El Kordy, Egyptian (11th Edition 2019-20)

  • The Migration Studies master at UPF has given me a broad knowledge on all issues migration, from foundational international migration theories to immigration law and from qualitative research methods to comparative labor migration policy research. The small classes allow for close, personal contact with professors and fellow students and its location in the Mediterranean, multicultural city of Barcelona makes for a truly engaging and rewarding learning experience. Michelle Crijns, Dutch (11th Edition, 2019-20)

  • I was humbled by all the great people that I met during my time at the UPF. The program has a strong research focus and the teachers that are part of the program all showed great commitment and always had an open ear! I am happy that I made this experience and feel prepared for the next step to come! Janis Janowsky, German (10th Edition, 2018-19)

  • The Master offers a deep insight into different facets of migration. My personal highlight of the program was meeting people from all over the world with similar interests. This enabled a fantastic exchange and undoubtedly broadened my horizon. Joëlle Spahni, Swiss (10th Edition 2018-19)

  • I would recommend the Master program in Migration Studies first and foremost due to its international environment and cultural diversity. Sharing ideas and engaging  in fruitful discussions about migratory issues with colleagues from all around the world provides a wider understanding of the topic discussed on an everyday basis. Dino Islamagic, Norwegian (9th Edition 2017-18)

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