Master Thesis Details of the 10th Edition of the Master´s program in Migration Studies (2018-2019)


Master Students, Thesis Topics and Supervisors

Name of Student



Adnane Derj

Football Supporterism´s Influence on Migrants´Integration: The Case of Standard de Liège.

Marco Martiniello

Ahmed Kadiri

How did Canada Become One of the Most Popular Destination Countries for Immigration in the World? An Analysis of the “Canadian Exceptionalism” regarding Immigration.


Lorenzo Gabrielli

Arife Demir How do Racist Crimes against Immigrants have Repercussions in Society? The Analysis of the NSU Case in Germany Martin Lundsteen

Aylin Huri Kuyucu

Highly Skilled Turkish Migrants in Barcelona and Berlin: Negotiating Boundaries of Turkishness.

Evren Yalaz

Joelle Nicole Spahni

EU´s Responsibility on Libya´s Detention Centers.

Silvia Morgades Gil

Jordan Astyn Kaye

A Crisis in the Making: The Latinx Threat Narrative and U.S. Border Enforcement Spiral.

Daniel de Torres Barderi

Maria Claret Campana

At the Intersection of Security and Religious Management: The Case of Salafism and Salafi Imams in Catalonia.

Ricard Zapata-Barrero

Marieke A.H. Ekenhorst

“Don´t Touch My Hair” – Unheard Voices of Afrofeminisim in Spain.

Gemma Pinyol-Jiménez

Michéle Foege

Building Peace by Distance: Taking the Example of Palestinians and Israelis Living in Barcelona.

Martin Lundsteen

Micol Montesano

Social Capital within the Camp: Italy and the Case of Asylum Seekers in ´Extraordinary Reception Centers´.

Dirk Gebhardt

Pablo Martínez Roca

Nowhere over the Rainbow: Discrimination, Migratory Syndrome and Stigma in LGBT + Migrants and Refugees.

Veronica Benet-Martinez

Pablo André Viteri Moreira

The Quito Process: The First Step towards a Regional Agreement on Migration in South America.

Dirk Gebhardt

Stephanie Halperin

A Reinterpretation of Spanish Identity: Dual Citizenship for Sephardic Jews.

Zenia Agnes Andrea Hellgren



Master Thesis Details of the 9th Edition of the Master´s program in Migration Studies (2017-2018)


Master Students, Thesis Topics and Supervisors

Name of Student 



Alejandra Chávez Tristancho

How Could We Take Advantage of Diversity? An Analysis from the Private to the Public Sector.

Gemma Pinyol-Jiménez

Ana Calvo Sierra

Offshoring Asylum in the EU: An Analysis of the Limits Imposed by the European Standards of Human Rights.

Silvia Morgades Gil

Chiara Scalera

Residential Segregation and Islamic Radicalisation: The Case of Second-generation Muslim Immigrants in Catalonia.

Zenia Agnes Andrea Hellgren

Dino Islamagic

National and Cultural Identity among Second Generation Immigrants Case Study: Second Generation Bosnians in Norway.

Dirk Gebhardt

Fernanda Honesko

The Lack of International Protection for Environmental Migrants.

Aida Torres Pérez

Giulia Dagonnier

Access to Healthcare among Migrant Women in Brussels: Residential Segregation and Intersectionality.

Zenia Hellgren, Jean-Michel Lafleur, Daniela Vintila

Gülce Şafak Özdemir

Solidarity Building in Practice: The Case Study of Barcelona.

Ricard Zapata-Barrero

Gulperi Destina Eryigit

Motivations behind the Study of Catalan by Immigrants in Barcelona.

Evren Yalaz

Julia Koopmans

Local Integration Policies for Temporary Migrants in the European Union: Filling the Gap between the Integration Needs of Transient Migrants and Settlement-oriented Policies.

Dirk Gebhardt

Juni Van Kleef

The Discourse of ‘Dutchness’: A Case Study about the Segregation and Discrimination in Amsterdam.

John Rossman Bertholf Palmer

Karina Melkonian

A Study of the Prevalence of Compassion Fatigue Among Humanitarian Workers.

John Rossman Bertholf Palmer

Kristina Rumenova Stankova

Bulgarian Elderly Population´s Perception of Immigrants: The Case of the “Migrant Hunters”.

Juan Carlos Triviño Salazar

Natasha Tavares

Different Immigrant Groups, Varying Threats and Distinct Emotions.

Verónica Benet-Martínez

Paola Aiello

Narratives of Migration through Political Discourses. The Italian Case of Salvini: 2014th European Parliament Election - 2018th National Political Election.

Marco Martiniello

Saskia Natalia Basa

Is the Cooption of LGBTI Claims Fuelling Racism and Islamophobia? Reflections on the Rise of Right-Wing Homonationalism in Europe.

Gemma Pinyol-Jiménez

Shaden Anwar Masri

EU Remote Control Policies and the Implications on Migrants´ and Asylum Seekers´ Rights: A Security-Based Approach. Turning a Blind Eye on Human Rights of Migrants.

Silvia Morgades Gil

Steffy Dubois

Political Mobilization of Irregular Street Vendors: The Case of Barcelona.

Marco Martiniello

Stéphanie Monique Martin

Mobilisation Contre les Centres de Retention pour Migrants: Comparaison entre la Belgique et l’Espagne.

Christophe Dubois

Stephen Bolmain

Immigrants and Nationalists: Political Participation of Immigrants in the Contemporary Catalan Nationalist Movement.

Marco Martiniello

Yuri Yu

Right to Work vs Self-reliance: A Critical Analysis of Economic Integration of Refugees in the Segmented Labour Markets in Europe.

Iván Martín