The 12th edition of the  Master in Migration Studies, promoted by GRITIM-UPF, consists of 23 enrolled students (out of 65 applicants), out of which 1 is doing the first year of Master studies as part of the Double Degree program with the University of Liège, Belgium. In this edition, students are from 13 different countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Syria, Turkey, United Kingdom). International students make up 83% of the class, and the gender composition is 92% female, 8% male. In addition, these students have diverse academic backgrounds (International Relations, International Cooperation, International Studies, International Studies and Global Sustainable Development, Political Science, Culture, Communication and New Professions, Geography and Social Anthropology, History, Sociology, Communications and Media Studies, Global Studies, Foreign Languages and Literature, Journalism and Communication Science, Health and Human Sciences, European Studies).

As the Director of this Master´s program emphasized since the 1st day of class, having a diverse group of students yields greater productivity and enhanced learning, while enabling students to live with and learn from differences. For this reason, the classroom framework confirms that a diversity-focused group of students is a long-standing priority for GRITIM-UPF, where the enforcement of the majority/minority structure becomes quite difficult in a really diverse setting. In this program, no one is a minority or a majority, but everyone is rather simply viewed as “us”.

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12th edition at a glance:

Number of applicants: 65

Intake of students: 23

Countries represented: 13 (83% international students)

Gender Composition: 92% female, 8% male


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