Biophysics of the Immune System

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Biophysics of the Immune System is the research team led by Dr. Rubén Vicente. The main interest is understanding the role of ion fluxes and membrane composition regulation in the physiology of immune cells, having a special interest in calcium signaling, zinc fluxes, and de novo ceramide synthesis. The current research projects are:

Calcium signaling and ORMDL3 pathophysiology

ORMDL3 is a transmembrane protein located in the endoplasmic reticulum. This protein has been shown to negatively regulate sphingolipid synthesis and to alter calcium homeostasis. As a consequence, alterations in ORMDL3 expression levels are associated with inflammatory diseases like asthma, inflammatory bowel diseases, or rheumatoid arthritis. Our team is focused on studying the mechanistic insights of ORMDL3 cellular function.

Zinc signaling in immune cells

Zinc is a trace element essential for human health. Zinc deficiency is common in old adults, vegetarians, and patients with chronic inflammatory diseases. This condition causes immune dysfunction leading to an increased risk of inflammatory and infectious diseases. However, the specific role of zinc in the physiology of T-cells is still poorly characterized. Zinc is known to affect T lymphocyte maturation, differentiation, and cytokine production.  Our laboratory has demonstrated that zinc positively potentiates T-cell function by enhancing the three main signaling activation pathways, AP-1, NF-kB, and NFAT1. In addition, we have described that the Zip6 zinc transporter is essential for proper T-cell activation.  We aim to have a better knowledge of the signaling events that modulate zinc in T to understand the benefits and risks of zinc-based nutritional immunity.

NanoTarg: a nanotechnological platform to treat cancer

Our team, together with the NanoMedicine lab led by Dr. Pilar Rivera, is involved in the development of NanoTarg, a novel nanotechnological platform to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We have determined an oncotarget to specifically accumulate nanocapsules in the tumoral tissue and we are participating in the preclinical validation of the technology.


Silvia Cassinelli

Cassinelli, Silvia
Postdoctoral Researcher
Biophysics of the immune system

Gutiérrez García, Esteban
PhD Student
Biophysics of the immune system

Cristina Plata Fernández

Plata Fernández, Cristina
Technician & Lab manager

Rubén Vicente García

Vicente García, Rubén
Principal Investigator
Biophysics of the immune system

Asset Publisher

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