I have always been interested in the different ways the past shapes our present. This is why I studied History (1998), then Didactics of the Social Sciences (1999), and finally I specialized in Virtual Archaeology (2006). I first wanted to understand the historical causes; later on, the narrations created around archaeological sources, and their uses by society. In recent years (2010) I started a more creative approach: my passion is now the design and evaluation of digitally-mediated experiences in Cultural Heritage settings. Following this path, I have been involved in several research projects (e.g. CHIRON, Understanding the Virtual, CHESS, LEAP, ViMM, EMOTIVE) across different European universities, museums and private research foundations. I also enjoy very much disseminating the results of my enquiries through teaching, invited speeches, publications, and international conferences. I am happy that my contributions have been acknowledged with academic and scientific awards, but above all by people pursuing their professional career in Digital Heritage encouraged by them.

You can find my personal website here and my cv here.