The {LEAP] User Group

The role of the User Group was to guarantee the user-centred approach of the {LEAP] project. To that end, representatives of different related sectors (Archaeology, Virtual Reality, Presence, Education, Museums, and general audiences) were invited to participate in different phases of the project.  

At the beginning of the project, the opinions and expectations of the User Group with regard to archaeological virtual reconstructions were gathered through periodical debates on the social media and the website. This information was integrated in the construction of a new theoretical and methodological framework, Cultural Presence, which was presented and debated during an interdisciplinary scientific workshop

During the second phase of the project, the design of different reconstructions of an archaeological site, the User Group was contacted again, to require their opinion about the elements that define a culture and how to represent them visually.

Finally, the User Group was required one last time, to pilot test the novel Cultural Presence Questionnaire (CPQ) before using it in the summative evaluation with general participants.

All my gratefulness to Erik Champion (Curtin University), Cèsar Carreras (UAB), Clara Masriera (UAB), Sara Sillaurren (Tecnalia), Victor Menchero (SEAV), Carles Sora (UPF), Narcís Parés (UPF), Roser Juanola (UdG), and Marc Sureda (MEV) for their invaluable contribution!