• Sara Perry (UoY) and James Taylor (UoY): Archaeological information.
  • Erick Javier Ureña, Andrés Nieto, and Eric Jiménez: 3D modelling (objects and characters).
  • Hara Sfyri (Freelance 3D artist): 3D modelling (environment).
  • Dimitris Christopoulos (Foundation of the Hellenic World): Interaction programming.
  • Carles Aguiló and Stavrina Poulou (Freelance Multimedia designers): Soundscape.
  • José Lozano (UPF): Sound engineering.
  • Sandra Montón, Narcís Parés, Joan Mora, Ciera Crowell, Laura Malinverni, Marie-Monique Schaper, Roger Cuartielles, Marta Edeso, Maria Dolors Cuenca, David García (UPF): voices and narrators.