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Rodríguez Labajos, Beatriz

Beatriz Rodríguez Labajos
Department of Political and Social Sciences
Beatriu de Pinós Postdoctoral Fellow

Beatriz Rodríguez Labajos is an ecological economist and a Beatriu de Pinós researcher at the JHU-UPF Public Policy Center. Previously, she was a Marie Curie Fellow based at the Energy and Resources Group (ERG) of UC Berkeley and at the Institute for Environmental Science and Technology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) (2018-2022), assistant professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2005-2009), professor at the Autonomous University of the Mexico State (1997-2003) and Autonomous University of Zacatecas (1996).

Trained as an economist, she obtained MSc in Ecological Economics and environmental management (UAB), a MSc in Geographic Information Systems (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) and a PhD in Environmental Sciences at the UAB. Her research interests are the socioeconomic dimensions of biodiversity, environmental justice, creative activism, and digital humanities. Her field experience includes regions of Europe, Latin America, South East Asia and the United States.

Her publications focus on biodiversity conservation, environmental justice conflicts, water management and agro-ecosystems. She was a GEO-6 fellow for the United Nations Environment program, scientific advisor for the Catalan Water Agency, and was deputy coordinator of the EJOLT project ( She currently coordinates the TALENT - CLAMOR project (


Selected publications

On creative activism

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Sanz, T.; Rodriguez-Labajos, B.. 2021. Does artistic activism change anything? Strategic and transformative effects of arts in anti-coal struggles in Oakland, CA Geoforum, 122: 41-54. DOI: 10.1016/j.geoforum.2021.03.010.

On environmental justice

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