Sentilo-based IoT platform


IoTlab, member of the Digital Catalonia Alliance (DCA-IoT) , emerges as an innovation space from the Wireless Networking (WN) research group of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) at UPF, where cutting-edge research and technology transfer projects merge.  

IoTlab is focused on the Internet of Things paradigm and its impact in our everyday lives by incorporating into the digital world a large amount of low-automated processes from a wide variety of sectors. Our expertise covers network self-configuration, automation of data collection, and integration with other technologies, considered as the main basis and current challenges of the IoT. The research at the IoTlab deals with the aforementioned areas, focusing mainly on the exploration of new concepts, technologies and communication paradigms applied to wireless networks. 

We have coordinated and participated in a wide number of competitive projects (regional, national, and European projects) and in tech-transfer agreements with private companies.

Information and Communication Technologies

Tànger building (Poblenou campus)
Tànger, 122-140
08018 Barcelona

 +34 93 542 15 10

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