Back The Emerald project continues SignON's Animics

The Emerald project continues SignON's Animics

As SignON ends, the UPF-GTI will now focus on AI-based tools for animation as part of Emerald project.


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The Interactive Technologies Group (UPF-GTI) is proud to announce that the SignON project has just finished after 3 years of intensive work. SignON aimed to facilitate the exchange of information among deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals across Europe, through an accessible translation service.

The UPF-GTI research group has been in charge of developing the animation editing and synthesis tools (Animics and Performs respectively) which drive the character to perform the required signs. The tools incorporate machine learning for frame-by-frame animation as well as symbolic driven inverse kinematics. The latter reuse results and resources (existing symbolic sign repositories) of EU projects such as Visicast, eSign and DictaSign.

As part of the Emerald Project, the UPF-GTI will explore the potential use of AI-tools to generate 3D animations from monocular videos in-the-wild recorded from commonplace hardware, such as webcams. Animics will benefit from such tools, allowing users to easily generate and modify their animations without requiring expensive setups or specific knowledge about animation techniques.

The SignON team encourages you to play around with the Animics and Performs platforms.



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