Back Second consortium meeting of MAX-R is in the books!

Second consortium meeting of MAX-R is in the books!

FilmAkademie Baden-Württemberg hosts the second meeting of MAX-R, attended by representatives from all partners of the interdisciplinary consortium. It was held on 24th November



The meeting, held at the FilmAkademie Baden-Württemberg facilities in Ludwigsburg, was structured in partner presentations, instead of discussing individual work packages. This allowed each partner to present its work updates from the previous months in a more consistent way.

In addition to the updates, the priority for this meeting was to further clarify the project use cases; and plan which components and tools are going to be developed, the implications and roles of each of the organisations and how they relate to each other.

UPF-GTI showed the prototype of an innovative open-source XR editor. Even though it is at a proof of concept stage, it is intended to allow sculpting, animating and defining logical interactions among objects to create XR experiences, such as games or animated movies. The editor should help to create bridges between content creators and technical productions, making it easier for them to create full XR experiences from scratch with no previous background. Targeted towards web-based XR use (WebGPU + WebXR + WASM), the prototype has been implemented making use of Godot and Three.js as the most future proof strategy; Signed Distance Fields (SDFs) and Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) are included. The challenges of maximum performance are being addressed, while exploring VR based interactivity. The Dreams VR game and Womp have been inspirational for the proof of concept.



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