Back Rooms: The new VR experience creator from the UPF-GTI

Rooms: The new VR experience creator from the UPF-GTI

UPF-GTI's Rooms, part of the MAX-R project, simplifies XR content creation for users of all skill levels, catering to both indie creators and professionals.



At UPF-GTI, as part of the MAX-R European project, we are actively involved in the development of Rooms, a web application aimed at democratizing XR content creation. Our primary focus lies in ensuring ease of use for users across various skill levels. XR experiences, typically interactive applications, consist of 3D rendered elements that can be animated and placed within virtual environments to guide user engagement through compelling narratives. The user-friendly nature of our application makes it particularly attractive to indie creators, as it eliminates the need for extensive training or expertise while offering a platform for fast iteration during pre-production and the creation of stylized experiences for professional use cases.


Although Rooms is web based, the framework we are developing is desktop based and developed in C++. This gives us versatility to repurpose the framework for other use cases, such as eventually exporting this or any other future application for other environments, such as native desktop or mobile. The framework can be currently compiled for Windows and Linux using native compilers, or as a web application using Emscripten.

While currently supporting sculpting, it has ambitious plans to add animations and visual scripting, making it a dynamic and versatile platform for immersive VR experiences. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as Rooms evolves into a more complete VR creation tool.


Application: GitHub - upf-gti/rooms

Engine: GitHub - upf-gti/wgpuEngine




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