Fostering prosocial behaviours in children with and without Autism Spectrum Condition through a full-body Mixed Reality system based on interpersonal entrainment

The project consists of a Mixed Reality environment with Full-Body Interaction created to address social and communicative behavior difficulties in children with Autism Spectrum Condition. The project provides an ecologically valid play space where the interaction between four children with ASD or four children without ASD is fostered. The intelligent system mediates the experience by making the children perform synchronized activities so that they achieve Interpersonal Entrainment. By achieving IE, children gain a sense of belonging to the group and consequently show more prosocial attitudes towards the other children. For the development of the interactive experience, we are applying participatory design methodology.
Led by the Full-Body Interaction Lab, with the collaboration of:
  • Dr. Liam Cross (Edge Hill University, UK)
  • Dr. Gray Atherton (Edge Hill University, UK)
  • Dr. Pamela Heaton (Goldsmith's, University of London, UK)

and the Multidisciplinary Unit of Autism Spectrum Conditions (UnimTEA) of the children's hospital: Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.


Planetary Wellbeing 2021-2022