Forma Revista d'Estudis Comparatius. Art, Literatura, Pensament is a digital publication created and managed by the members of the Revista Forma Cultural Association and is linked to the University Institute of Culture and the Department of Humanities at Pompeu Fabra University.

Conceived as part of academic research, Forma seeks to be a space for the confluence of a range of critical proposals developed in the field of comparative and interdisciplinary studies as well as general humanities, such as literature, images, thought, art, history, cultural studies, etc.

Forma is published each semester by collecting original articles in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, and Portuguese as well as interviews with relevant intellectual personalities and book reviews of academic publications published during the past year. All the texts, as specified in the Editorial Policies, have to pass rigorous quality guidelines chosen by the entities in charge of indexing scientific journals, with regard to the plurality of the editorial and scientific committees as well as the selection process and revision of published texts.

Furthermore, Forma is a Green Open Access Journal which means that the full final author version is published in our website, ready to be downloaded with no additional charges. Also, in the light of our rejection to abusive lucrative practices carried out by other Academic Journals, we guarantee that Forma doesn’t demand any payment during the whole publication process (submission, revision, edition, publication, and diffusion). We consider that there is already an important injection of money —whether it comes from private or public funds— for the production of articles, therefore it is unreasonable to take profit of this monopolist academic system.

Our crew is made by professional who participate as volunteers in a two-fold project. On the one hand, Forma seeks to spread multidisciplinary academic production through an open access platform. On the other hand, the journal has a strong instructional goal. Our ultimate aim is to help authors to improve their texts via stylistic, linguistic, and scientific revisions.