In order to ensure the quality of the publications of "FORMA. REVISTA D'HUMANITATS", the following system of arbitration is stipulated.

The evaluation process of the texts will follow this protocol:

  1. Call for articles will be open to original and academic texts. This call will be published on the journal website as well as on other international broadcast websites.
  2. All the articles sent to [email protected] will be evaluated by the Editorial Comittee. Each text will be read and edited for spelling and grammar. The evaluation will be based on qualitative and formal criteria contained in the "Posting Rules".
  3. Revisions and proof-reading will be available for articles submitted in Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French and English.
  4. Once the authors have introduced the changes and amendments suggested by the Editorial Committee, the article will be read by the Scientific Committee and occasionally by an expert who doesn't belong permanently to our board. The article will be communicated to the Scientific Comittee in an anonymous fashion in order to ensure the double-blind nature of the system.
  5. The article will then be sent back to the authors with the suggestions provided by the Scientific Comittee and with a final notification of "acceptance," "provisional acceptance," or "rejection." If corrections are pending, the publication of the article is always subject to a final review.
  6. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to re-send a once corrected item to the Scientific Committee for final approval or to suggest new corrections. Finally, a written verdict will be sent to the author regarding the final publication of the article.