Would you like to:

  • participate in a European project with prestigious universities?
  • travel around Europe and working with students from all over?
  • actively contribute to improving your learning process and that of future generations?
  • improve your resume and acquire new skills and competences?

If so, become an EUTOPIA ambassador and help create a new European University model! You will get academic recognition for your participation!

EUTOPIA is an alliance of leading universities in Europe (Paris Seine, Brussels Vrije, Warwick, Ljubljana, Göteborg i UPF) challenge-led, student-centred, place-based, inclusive and open to the world surrounding them.

The joint mission of EUTOPIA is to build a distinctive, daring and driven alliance of transformative and engaged institutions:

  • To produce challenge-driven research and teaching
  • To prepare empowered European graduates
  • To lead regional and international involvement
  • To support diversity, inclusivity and widening citizenship

What is a European University?

In 2019, the network presented a pilot project to build a new model of higher education in Europe as part of the European Universities initiative. The project was one of seventeen chosen in Europe, and has a budget of five million euros to design, from various perspectives, a proposal for a new European University model, based on the principles of diversity, inclusion and citizenship in the broadest sense.

A core part of the project is student involvement. At UPF we need your collaboration to design the project! If you want to be an EUTOPIA ambassador, please contact us to join!

You will find us in [email protected]