This Work Package will explore how the co-creation of knowledge, environments, platforms, tools and methodologies can help us to be truly society-transforming institutions. This will be done by testing models for exchange and dialogue across sectors, institutions and regions in order to pursue its objectives in relation to place-making. The objectives are to foster inclusivity, to address challenges related to levels of inequality as well as the promotion of creative partnerships in the regions where the EUTOPIA universities operate.



  1. Creation and nurturing of a shared and long-term place-based pool of partners to provide a global platform of co-operation (TI)

  2. Creation of a “BeUTOPIAn” award recognising best global challenge solving team (PC)


  1. Place Discovery (SD)

  2. EUTOPIA Career Ambassadors (TI) 


  1. Define a Challenge programme open to EUTOPIA universities’ students to solve    (PC): Open Innovation Challenge


  1. Knowledge hubs and Co-creation spaces (TI)

  2. WeEUTOPIAns challenge competition/Hackathon? (PC)



Lead of the Work Package 4: Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Work Package 4 EUTOPIA official website.