One of the main goals of EUTOPIA is to provide different learning and growth opportunities to the communities of the ten universities of the Alliance. Bachelor's and Master's students, researchers and academic staff are at the center of the activities offered by EUTOPIA. You can find all the calls that EUTOPIA offers through Pompeu Fabra University in News and Agenda, and you can get to know the people from the UPF community who collaborates with the Alliance.

EUTOPIA Connected Communities

Connected Communities professors

The Connected Communities are the core of EUTOPIA More, the EUTOPIA project coordinated by UPF. Each Connected Community organizes different teaching and research activities focused on the different subjects of the member universities. Faculty members appreciate that participating in these communities is highly beneficial for students as it promotes their international interaction and motivates them to see that they collaborate on projects that compete with other universities.

According to them, this goes beyond Erasmus, as it involves curriculum design, the interconnection of professors, and a European perspective on higher education. It is an expanding and enriching project for both professors and students, as international collaboration in teaching is a great opportunity, they point out.


EUTOPIA Student Representatives from UPF

Carlota García and Pol Lloberas

Carlota García and Pol Lloberas are the Universitat Pompeu Fabra representatives on the EUTOPIA Student Council. The Student Council is the main body of the Alliance with the mission of collecting all the requests, and concerns of the students of the EUTOPIA universities. "Students are the essence of universities, without their voice, they have no meaning", they say.

At EUTOPIA Weeks, which is held twice a year, it is where they can meet face to face with other university representatives and do much of their work. Although they are studying in the universities for a limited time, during a passing stage, they want the work they do in the Student Council to remain for future generations of EUTOPIA universities students.


EUTOPIA Doctoral School in Lisbon

Matilde Carbajo and Alice Vidal

Matilde Carbajo and Alice Vidal are PhD students at UPF. They applied to participate in the EUTOPIA Doctoral School in Lisbon, which they consider "a great opportunity to connect with other international doctoral candidates". The Doctoral School focused on enhancing researchers' abilities to communicate their knowledge and research. They learned that "in scientific communication, the effective transmission of information depends not only on the clarity of the message but also on the way it is conveyed."

According to them, one of the most important aspects of these gatherings is "being able to work with people from all over Europe, with different cultures and academic experiences."