The alliance

EUTOPIA is an ambitious alliance of ten like-minded universities ready to reinvent themselves. These ten pioneers have joined forces to build the university of the future, aiming to become, by 2030, an open, multicultural, confederated operation of connected campuses.

EUTOPIA will produce challenge-driven research and teaching, prepare empowered European graduates, champion regional and international involvement, and support diversity, inclusivity, and widening citizenship.

Members of the alliance undertake to respect, protect, and realize these values in the construction of the European university, with their local communities and on a global scale.

These values are encapsulated in EUTOPIA’s collective vision: to take the opportunity and accept the responsibility of playing a leading role in the expansion of the knowledge society, with coordinated scientific and societal efforts.

EUTOPIA's Principles

EUTOPIA aims to create a collaborative network of universities that work together as a single entity made up of multiple interconnected institutions. The universities will coordinate their work to achieve common goals, such as producing challenge-driven research, promoting diversity and inclusivity, and preparing empowered graduates. The commitment to collaboration, innovation, and excellence in higher education will operate according to the following principles:

  • Focused on the challenges of the future: The alliance will be challenge-driven to prepare students and staff as European citizens and lifelong learners who care about and act for the future of the planet and humanity.
  • Student-centred and student-empowering: The alliance will provide transformative, open learning opportunities and expanded horizons of expectation and ability, both across Europe and throughout the world.
  • Attentive to the plurality, potential, and international pre-eminence of Europe’s regions: The alliance will build on its place-making strengths, connecting cultures and contexts in order to enhance European capability and creativity and support the international pre-eminence of European innovation and influence.
  • Committed to the principles of openness and inclusion: The alliance will foster and support knowledge co-creation by building open resources and collaborative platforms, endorsing open-science agendas, and sponsoring the access, mobility, and inclusivity mechanisms that unleash our intellectual and social potential.