Back Pastore, Ferruccio


FIERI, International and European Forum on Migration Research, Turin, Italy

Ph.D. in Legal Studies at the European University Institute, Florence. Dr Pastore has been the Director of FIERI (Forum of International and European Research on Immigration, Torino) since 2009. He has previously been the Deputy Director of CeSPI (Centre for International Policy Studies, Rome) and a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Firenze. Besides research, he has worked as an Adviser on migration policy issues for Italian institutions and international organisations. He has written extensively on the European and international governance of migration and integration processes, with particular regard to the Mediterranean region.

Themes related to current research:

  • Governance of Migration and Mobility in the Mediterranean Region
  • Forced Displacement: Dynamics and Impact in Receiving Societies
  • Migrant Integration in Southern European and Mediterranean Societies

For more information about his research activities and publications see here.