Tesis en curs

  • Fortunato Morales Avila. La revuelta de octubre: análisis semántico-argumentativo del estallido social en Chile (2019-2020).
    • Directors: Elisabeth Miche i Alfredo Lescano (U. de Toulouse)
  • Seda Karanfil. Linguistic representations of trans identities in the Turkish press: A corpus-based discourse analysis.
    • Director: Mario Bisiada
  • ​​Peter Till. Evaluating the translation of metaphor by empirically measuring meaning loss and gain.
    • Director: Mario Bisiada
  • Shahrad Alejandro Ghalili. Tone tags: The linguistic method for conveying tones from written material on Twitter.
    • Director: Mario Bisiada
  • Wade Raaflaub. Exclusion from discourse and the construction of knowledge in an era of cancel culture: a critical analysis. 
    • ​Director: Mario Bisiada
  • Irene Latorre. Análisis crítico de los discursos políticos del Partido Popular y de Vox sobre la memoria histórica.
    • Directors: Montserrat González i Teun van Dijk
  • Yue Lu, "The Translation Quality Assessement of Text Contents in Commercial Websites: A corpus instructions in Spanish and Chinese".
    • Director: Anna Espunya
  • Xueshuo Ma, "A Research on the use of translation to promote Intercultural Communication Competence in a Master's Program in Translation".
    • Director: Anna Espunya


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