Back We are very proud to announce the new number of "Latin American Non-Fiction: From Interactive to Transmedia Documentary".

We are very proud to announce the new number of "Latin American Non-Fiction: From Interactive to Transmedia Documentary".

Professors Fernando Irigaray and Anahí Lovato, member of the DigiDoc Research Group, are guest editors of the, 23th number, published in November 2021.

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Fernando Irigaray & Anahí Lovato.

Latin American non-fiction: from interactive to transmedia documentary


Articles. Monograph

Jorge Vázquez Herrero, Lucila Benito & Natalia Revello Mouriz

Interactive and transmedia documentary in Latin America: Models, themes and strategies


Nazly López Díaz

Mediamorphosis of Documentary Film: Reflections on the frontiers of an expanding genre


Carlos Obando Arroyave

The interactive and transmedia documentary: narrate in a local key, see in a global key


Pablo Martínez Zárate

Death to the real! Notes on ten years of expanded documentary practice


Verónica Torres

Cortázar experience: from an idea to creating a transmedia narrative project


Miguel Ángel Vilte

Comparative analysis of the Argentine transmedia documentaries Malvinas 30 and El feriante. Features and transmedia characteristics


Santiago López Delacruz

Possibilities of the Ibero-American transmedia documentary in the visibility of the LGBTQI community: the cases of La primavera rosa and La otra orilla


Debora Cristina Lopez & Aline Monteiro Homssi

When fan culture and podcasting meet: new relationships with the audience in O Caso Evandro


María Celeste Marrocco

Script strategies for transmedia works: The DCMTeam Productions, Rosario, Argentina


Carolina Gois Falandes & Denis Porto Renó

360-degree image production and investigation poles: an immersive non-fiction cartography in Ibero-American academy


Katia Augusta Maciel

Knowledge Articulation in Creative Media. Interactive, transmedia and immersive productions developed at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


José Luis Torres Martín, Andrea Castro Martínez & Pablo Díaz Morilla

Interactive transmedia documentary in Latin America. The Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión of San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba) through the case of Metáfora Viva


Afra Citlalli Mejía Lara & Diego Zavala Scherer

Participatory and transmedia strategies for citizen empowerment: San Juan de Ocotán as a Case Study


Articles. Miscellaneous

Elisabet Fonts y Jaume Duran

Narrative in Unated States theme Parks


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