The DigiDoc Editorial Serie is constituted by the direct results of research projects that are usually publicated in monographs years later. The indirect results appear in index journal papers. Current tendencies in cientific policies invite to public in Open Acces, for instance under Creative-Common attribution or by repositories of research groups. Therefore, the DigiDoc Editorial Serie and annual take on this kind of publication. For easy creation of direc results in DigiDoc Editoral Serie, is suggested the next style guide


Basic instructions for the Digidoc Editorial Reports

The register table contains three categories for carry out a systematic register. These categories are based on the number of the register, the title of the publication and the authors. Therefore, a registration number (NS) and an acronym concrete project are contemplated. For example , the project Audiencias Activas (PAA) followed by the document number (01 for first, 02 for second…) and finally, the date of publication (2015). The document number (01,02,03) is organised in relation to the publication year. So the first report of 2016 is registered as 01/2016. The other fields, (title and authors) are completed with information on each report.

See the register table.


DigiDoc Research Report List