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Font-Julián, Cristina

Communication Department
DigiDoc Group
Postdoctoral Researcher

Personal website

Current position:

Postdoctoral Researcher.


Academic training:

-PhD Information Science. DCADHA. Universitat Politècnica de València
- MSc Information Management. ETSINF. Universitat Politècnica de València
- BSc Computer Sciencer. ETSINF. Universitat Politècnica de València.


Research interests:

Cybermetrics, Patents, Social Network Analysis, Network Theory, Web Data Mining,
Search Engines, Online Visibility, Open Data, Web Indicators, eMarketing, Link Analysis.


Current research projects:

Font-Julian, Cristina I.. Ayuda Margarita Salas de Font Julian, Cristina Isabel (MS/11). (01/12/21 - 01/01/25).Financiación RRHH. UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA DE VALENCIA.


Recent publications:

  • Font-Julián, C. I., Ontalba-Ruipérez, J. A., Orduña-Malea, E., & Thelwall, M. (2022). Which types of online resource support US patent claims?. Journal of Informetrics, 16(1), 101247. doi:10.1016/j.joi.2021.101247

  • Orduña-Malea, E., Font-Julián, C. I., & Ontalba-Ruipérez, J. A. (2020). Covid-19: análisis métrico de vídeos y canales de comunicación en YouTube. El profesional de la información (EPI), 29(3). doi:10.3145/epi.2020.jul.01

  • Orduña-Malea, E., Font-Julian, C. I., Ontalba-Ruipérez, J. A., & Compés-López, R. (2021). Masters of Wine on Twitter: presence, activity, impact and community structure. Wine Economics and Policy, 10(1), 73-88. doi:10.3145/epi.2020.jul.01

  • Font-Julian, C. I., Ontalba-Ruipérez, J. A., & Orduña-Malea, E. (2018). Hit count estimate variability for website-specific queries in search engines: The case for rare disease association websites. Aslib Journal of Information Management. doi:10.1108/AJIM-10-2017-0226

  • Orduna-Malea, E., Font, C. I., & Ontalba-Ruipérez, J. A. (2017). From universities to private companies: a measurable route of LinkedIn users. In Digital tools for academic branding and self-promotion (pp. 127-150). IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-0917-2.ch009

  • Compés-López, R., Font-Julian, C., & Orduna-Malea, E. (2018, September). Has Robert Parker lost his hegemony as a prescriptor in the wine World? A preliminar inquiry through Twitter. In 2nd International Conference on Advanced Reserach Methods and Analytics (CARMA 2018) (pp. 97-105). Editorial Universitat Politècnica de València. doi:10.4995/CARMA2018.2018.8320

  • Contreras-Ochando, L., Font-Julián, C. I., Nieves, D., & Martınez-Plumed, F. How Data Science helps to build Smart Cities: Valencia as a use case. Alcoi, 3.


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