UPF has great general facilities for teaching and students:

  • Theory and Seminar classrooms
  • Computer classrooms
  • CRAI: Library and Resource Centre for Students and Professors
  • Cafeteria

Computer Classroom



Moreover, CSIM offers students the opportunity of working in specialized labs with unique equipment, which are managed by the research groups that are related to the master.

Xperience Induction Machine (XiM), Specs group: 
Mixed Reality System
XiM Specs

Robotics, Specs group:
iCub Robot, drones, land vehicles, etc.

iCub Robot
iCub Robot
Psychophysiology, Specs group: 
Bio-feedback equipment, etc.
Neurorehabilitation, Specs group: 
Exoskeletons, haptic feedback, etc.
Full-body Interaction Lab, CMTech group: 
Multi-touch Screens, Interactive Slide, Computer Vision Tracking, Kinect
Full-body Interaction Lab
Interactive Slide
Sound Interaction Lab, MTG group: 
Reactable, Microsoft SecondLight, Tangible systems, etc.