Working with robotics

Testing the robot's camera

Working with robotics

Testing at the UPF Poblenou library


Interacting with real objects

RFID-based interaction

Movement detection

The Ubiquitous Computing Applications Laboratory (UbiCA Lab) is a young research group of the Information and Communication Department of the Pompeu Fabra University, located at 22@ district in Barcelona. Our main research areas are enclosed within the general disciplines of Ubiquitous Computing, Contextual Intelligence and Cognitive Systems, using sensors and radiofrequency identificaiton (RFID). UbiCA Lab is strongly related to the industry and research groups worldwide.

Ubiquitous Computing Applications Laboratory (UbiCA Lab)

Department of Information and Communication Technologies

Tànger building (Poblenou campus)
Tànger, 122-140
08018 Barcelona

 (+34) 93 542 1380
 (+34) 93 542 25 17

[email protected]