Course plan

CSIM is composed of a wide set of courses that capture the interdisciplinary nature and vocation of this master program. The table below summarises the structure of the syllabus.

The core of the program is formed by courses that have been especially conceived for the CSIM master and some that are shared from other master programs in our department.  These courses are composed into the following three groups:

  • Compulsory Courses: These courses are meant to give a solid base and a transversal view onto Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media.
  • Main Optional Pool Courses: These courses are meant to provide a more in depth view on specific branches of Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media.
  • Optional Expansion Pool Courses: These courses are meant to provide an expansion into more applicative branches of Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media.
    NOTE: These courses are technically and mathematically quite demanding and are therefore only feasible for students that already have a strong background in mathematics and engineering.



Trimester  Course Code Belongs to: ECTS
Compulsory Courses
1 Cognitive Science & Psychology: Mind, Brain and Behaviour 30846 CSIM 5
1 Research Methodologies in Humanities and Science 30845 CSIM 5
1 Interaction Models 30847 CSIM 5
2 Systems Design, Integration and Control 30863 CSIM 5
Main Optional Pool
(Choose minimum 3)
2 Learning Technologies (former Adaptive Behaviour ) 32630 CSIM 5
1 Advanced Interface Design 30853 CSIM 5
2 Cognitive Systems: theory and models 30860 CSIM 5
3 Education, Games and Entertainment 30857 CSIM 5
2 Real-Time Interaction 32608 CSIM 5
3 Sound Communication 30852 CSIM 5
Optional Expansion Pool (courses from other masters)
(Choose maximum 1)
2 Autonomous Systems 32607 MIIS 5
1 Natural Language Interaction 32606 MIIS 5
Master Thesis
1, 2 & 3 Project 30849 CSIM 20

All courses are worth 5 ECTS (European credits), while the Project is worth 20 ECTS.
To attain the masters diploma the student must get a total of 60 ECTS.
Therefore, students must choose:

  • All the Base Courses (20ECTS) 
  • A minimum of 3 courses from the Main Optional Pool Courses (mínimum 15ECTS)
  • A maximum of one course Optional Expansion Pool Courses (maximum 5ECTS).
  • The Master Thesis Project (20ECTS)

This adds up to either:     4x5 + (4+0)x5 + 20 = 60 ECTS      or     4x5 + (3+1)x5 + 20 = 60 ECTS

You can check the details of each course here: syllabus