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The mission of the Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (CSIM) is to train the researchers and professionals who will investigate, develop and design the interactive cognitive systems and media of tomorrow. The results may be physical devices, such as robots, or logical ones, such as sophisticated software that provides new experiences and/or virtual environments.

The CSIM programme draws on three main fields of knowledge: interactive technology, cognitive sciences and interactive media. To achieve its objective, the programme takes an interdisciplinary approach that is critical to providing students with an in-depth knowledge of the design, construction, development, deployment and analysis of interactive cognitive systems and media, along with the necessary skills to successfully carry out all of these stages. The CSIM programme's goal is to produce integrators of such interactive cognitive devices and programmes.


  • Students UE: 1,800 €
  • Non EU Students: 5.749,8 €


From September to June, Timetable Afternoons schedule (full time)


1 academic year full time, 2 academic years part time (60 ECTS credits)





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UPF PhD to which it grants access

Phd in Information and Communication Technologies  

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