This seminar series, organized during 2023, intended, on one side, to showcase UPF research on Planetary Wellbeing themes and, on the other side, to forge closer relations with researchers of other institutions. The talks were in hybrid format, every last Tuesday of the month, at 13-14 (GMT+1). Talks were open to anyone interested.

Past sessions:

January - December 2023

  • 31/01/2023Tomàs Marquès (Comparative Genomics Lab, IBE UPF/CSIC) - Global efforts for a digital and molecular Noah's Ark. New efforts to preserve biodiversity. Find the recording here.
  • 28/02/2023 - Simone Tassani (Department of Information and Communication Technologies, UPF) - BYMBOS - Body Mind Interaction in Students. Find the recording here.
  • 28/03/2023 - Fernando T. Maestre (Dryland Ecology and Global Change Lab, Universidad de Alicante) -  Safeguarding drylands to achieve the sustainable development goals.  Find the recording here.
  • 25/04/2023 - John Palmer (Department of Political and Social Sciences, UPF) - Human-Mosquito Interactions and Public Health in the Context of Climate Change. Find the recording here.
  • 30/05/2023 - Alberto Carrio (Department of Law, UPF) - The Sustainability of Sport in Climatic Emergency. Find the recording here.
  • 27/06/2023 - Serena Olsaretti (Department of Law, UPF) and Isabella Trifan (University of Exeter) - My Child, Whose Emissions?. Recording not available.
  • 26/09/2023 - Martin Bonadeo (ex artista residente UPF) y Xavi Bou (artista visual) - Ensayos para visualizar un ADN colectivo. Más información aquí.
  • 25/10/2023 - Santiago Zabala (UPF) & Isabel Valverde (UPF) - Understanding Our Climate Emergency Through Art and Aesthetics. Find the recording here.
  • 29/11/2023 - Francesca d'Agostini (UPF) - How can we increase our knowledge about resilient agriculture in arid regions?. Find the recording here.
  • 14/12/2023Catherine D'Andrea (Simon Fraser University ,Vancouver) - Archaeology in Post-Conflict Tigrai, Ethiopia. Find the recording here.