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MediaCorp is an acronym for  «Media representation of  (non) healthy body image. Development of a prevention tool among children aged from 6 to 9: "I like my body!"» [Representación mediática de la Imagen Corporal no saludable. Desarrollo de una herramienta de prevención en niños y niñas de 5 a 8 años: "Mi cuerpo me gusta’] which aims to design a tool for media education that assists on the critical interpretation of the models of body image proposed by advertising audiovisual.


To achieve its mission, this project:

  • Analyzes representations of body image in advertising consumed by children.
  • Explores the relationship between models of body image and body satisfaction degree of a child
  • Reflects on the role of advertising in the construction of the expressive forms of body image and the emergence of subjectivities.

MediaCorp is national project plan (CSO2014-58220) funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. It takes place at the Spanish cities of Barcelona, ​​Seville and Madrid with the support of members of the research group CAS, Communication, Advertising & Society, members of the Image Foundation and Self-Esteem, teachers and researchers from different Spanish universities (Open University of Catalonia, Rey Juan Carlos University, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​University of Sevilla, etc.).

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