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Dr. Emma Rodero gets a Full Professor Position in Communication

Dr. Emma Rodero gets a Full Professor Position in Communication


Imatge inicial

On October 21, 2021, the Boletín Oficial del Estado published the appointment of Dr. Emma Rodero Anton as Professor in the area of ​​knowledge "Audiovisual Communication and Advertising" with a profile of Media Psychology and Neurocommunication of the Department of Communication. The defence, which took place on September 17 at the Pompeu Fabra University, stands her to the highest level of the university education.


Dr. Emma Rodero holds a Ph.D. in Communication, a Ph.D. in Psychology, a Master in Pathology of Voice and a Master in Psychology of Cognition and Marie Curie Fellow (European Union). She teaches Communication Skills, Public Speaking and Media Psychology at Pompeu Fabra University, where she is in charge of the Media Psychology Lab.


Her research lines are the impact of communication strategies, especially audio and speech, on the cognitive and emotional processing of messages using biometrics. She has written more than ten books and seventy scientific papers and she is an Expert of the European Commission to evaluate proposals for EU funding.


It’s an honour to have Dr. Emma Rodero as a member of CAS group and all the members of the group extend their congratulations for this much-deserved achievement.






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