AGREP (The Action Program for Effective Reporting of Antigypsyism and Discrimination) is a project that combines social research and action with the aim to improve our knowledge about the forms of discrimination that affect Roma people in the Barcelona area, and develop efficient tools in order to facilitate reporting and intensify the fight against antigypsyism. The project team is made up by GRITIM-UPF (The Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, FAGiC (The Federation of Roma Associations in Catalonia), and Barcelona City Council’s Office for Non-discrimination (OND).

Our app Dikhat! to report antigypsysim to FAGiC is now ready to download at App Store and Play Store.
Check out the forthcoming Special Issue Racialized Citizenship in Superdiverse Europe that will be published in 2021 as part of the AGREP project.
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GRITIM-UPF Grupo Interdisciplinario de Investigación sobre Inmigración
FAGIC Federació d'Associacions Gitanes de Catalunya
OND Oficina per a la no-discriminació


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Principal investigator: Zenia Hellgren, GRITIM-UPF

Department of Political and Social Sciences

[email protected]


Coordinator at FAGiC:

Annabel Carballo

[email protected]

[email protected]