Discrimination against people from the Roma communities is widespread in Barcelona as elsewhere in Spain, though seriously underreported. This discrimination hampers the opportunities of Roma people to, for instance, access employment or housing, fulfil educational projects, or even avoid being harassed and insulted in public spaces. The AGREP project aims to strengthen the fight against antigypsyism through the development of specific tools in order to detect and report discriminatory actions: an app, a training program and a database. We expect that these tools will serve to increase the confidence among Roma people that they can challenge antigypsyism and participate in society with equality of opportunities.



The AGREP project combines social research with the practical implementation of different actions in order to fulfil the following objectives:

  1. Develop an app to facilitate the reporting of discrimination against Roma people to the Office for non-discrimination.
  2. Train a group of Roma anti-discrimination agents who will in turn work to increase the knowledge among the Roma communities of laws or procedures to report discrimination.
  3. Train a group of institutional anti-discrimination agents with key positions within central Catalan institutions, in order to implement discourses and actions against antigypsyism in these institutions.
  4. Create a comprehensive database on the discrimination of Roma people, in order to address the gap between lacking data on antigypsyism and everyday experiences of actual discrimination against Roma people in Barcelona.
  5. Create an advisory board of national and international Roma and anti-discrimination experts, who will evaluate the project continuously during its life length.