In order to strengthen our network building and guarantee the quality and relevance of the project's actions, we have created an external Advisory Group of national and international Roma and anti-discrimination experts. The members will continuously be updated on the project activities, and evaluate the project during its life length. In addition to the project's relevance in terms of Roma inclusion and anti-discrimination, specific attention will be given to the functionality of the App.


The members of the AGREP Advisory Group are:

Bálint Ábel Bereményi, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Central European University 

Dan Rodríguez García, Senior scholar and director of the research group INMIX, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Gabriela Hrbanova, Director of the European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network, ERGO

Gemma Galdón, Director of Eticas Foundation

Ismael Cortés, Roma activist, scholar and member of the Spanish Congress

Julie Pascoët, Senior advocacy officer at the European Network Against Racism (ENAR)

Soraya Post, Roma activist, former member of the European Parliament

Thai Jungpanich, Program operations officer at Open Society Foundation



The first Advisory Group meeting was held through Zoom on 4 November, 2020.