Assessment rubric is an instrument that allows the assessment process in a systematic way by the use of a chart. In this chart are combined the assessment criteria with different levels of domain for each criteria. This instrument can be used by teachers and students (both for peer to peer assessment and self-assessment).

  • What is a rubric? (general presentation)
  • Use of rubrics
  • Rubric workshop: by clicking on the following link, you will find material related to a signature workshop which can help you when defining your signature evaluation system, either for specific activities or for global ones. Furthermore, there are support material, definitions and examples which can be very useful for you. 
  • BibTIC guide for rubric construction in Aula Global clicking
  • Design your own rubric! Using this website you will be able to design your own rubric. 
  • CoRubrics: Google program for rubric construction
  • Moodle forum assessment using rubrics
  • References:
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