• Development, documentation, writing and publication of original academic texts of high quality.
  • Awareness of and correct handling of the relevant academic documents, and the databases providing access to those documents, for writing academic papers.


  • Apply the theories, scientific method and key concepts of public relations and communication management to produce significant academic research work to support decision-making in professional practice.
  • Design and execute a research project on strategic communication and public relations, using the appropriate methodologies and framing the project in the context of recent scientific theories.
  • Relate to different audiences through strategically designed forms and systems of communication.
  • Produce and structure corporate narratives, tales and messages using the appropriate techniques, for dissemination to previously identified audiences within the strategic planning of communications and public relations.
  • Distinguish the influence of different ethnic, cultural and organizational contexts in the practice of public relations and communication management based on the application of the related theories.
  • Adapt the strategic communication process to different specialized sectors, tailoring messages and communication techniques to each of the audiences in those specialized fields.
  • Create budgets for strategic communication projects by choosing the correct items after assessment of their suitability and acceptability.