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I am a Serra Húnter associate professor at the Department of Translation and Language Sciences. I am a researcher of the LSC Lab (Laboratori de llengua de signes catalana) and the GLiF (Formal Linguistics Research Group). My areas of teaching and research are linguistics and formal discourse analysis of Catalan Sign Language, as well as the documentation of LSC and the study of grammar applied to the interpreting of sign languages.

I am currently co-coordinator of the Centre d'Estudis LSC-UPF Actua, which is dedicated to the study, teaching and dissemination of Catalan Sign Language and I am also the director of the Teaching Certification of LSC. I coordinate the LSC Corpus Project, that is being developed at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans since 2013 and the project to adapt the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages applied to the LSC, that is being carried out by the Direcció General de Política Lingüística de la Generalitat de Catalunya since 2018.

After graduating in Translation and Interpreting at the UPF and doing a postgraduate in Audiovisual Translation and Subtitling at the UAB, I worked for a few years as a teacher at the Vocational Training Course of Interpreting and Deaf-blind interpreting in sign language and at the Catalan Federation for the Deaf. A few years later I did my PhD in Cognitive Science and Language. In 2007 I defended my MA thesis entitled "La cohesió discursiva i l'espai en la llengua de signes catalanaand in 2012, my doctoral thesis entitled "The meaning of space in Catalan Sign Language (LSC). Reference, specificity and structure in signed discourse". As a postdoctoral researcher, I worked at UMR 7023 (CNRS & Paris 8) in a typological project on impersonal reference. I have done research stays at the Jean Nicod Institute in Paris and at the University of Göttingen in Germany. I have taught postgraduate courses at the University of Girona and at the University of Barcelona, and at summer schools at the University of Hamburg (Germany), at the University College London and the University of Tübingen (Germany).