A written request concerning something not provided for in the current regulations.

Format: DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm).


Although the formal requirements of a request are a little different from those of an application, a request is written in much the same way as an application:

  • Employ a neutral and respectful tone.
  • Use a structure that is logical and as simple as possible. If the part setting out the actual request contains various pieces of information, it is best to organise them chronologically or in accordance with the development of your argument, and to put them in separate paragraphs.
  • Express your ideas clearly and concisely. It is better to use short sentences rather than one long sentence.
  • Use the first person singular (I): I, John/Jane Doe, HEREBY REQUEST... etc.


Formulas for identifying yourself:
- ..., head of ...., in charge of the ... organisation..., head of protocol of ... 

Formulas for the request itself:
Simply state what it is you are requesting.


1. Identification of the person making the request
This must include the following personal details of the person signing the request: name, surname(s) and post.


2. Body of the request
This is where the object of the request is described.

It begins with the formula I HEREBY REQUEST/ASK, in capital letters so that it stands out, followed by a colon. If the phrase following this formula contains a conjugated verb, it must be introduced by the conjunction "That", with an initial capital letter, in the next paragraph (for example: I HEREBY REQUEST: That I be granted ...).


3. Date
This must include:
- The place where the application is made. 
- Date: the day (in figures), the month (in letters) and the year (in figures and in full).


4. Signature of the person making the request
The signature should not be accompanied by the signer's name and surname(s), as these have already been given in section 1.


5. Post or unit to which the request is addressed
The post of the person or the unit to which the application is addressed, in capital letters at the foot of the page. Optionally, the addressee's office or post may be included, preceded, if appropriate, by the corresponding protocol title (see Appendix 1).




I, Cristina Font i Tresserres, Head of the Human Resources Services Training Unit of Pompeu Fabra University,



To be allowed to visit the Barcelona Official Language School Self-Learning Centre, run by Sra. Joana Filoll, and have the most important technical points and information on how it operates explained to me with a view to possibly setting up a centre of such characteristics at Pompeu Fabra University.

Barcelona, 18 February 1994