Online Catalan legal dictionary by the Institute of Catalan Studies

The online legal dictionary Diccionari jurídic català (DJC), prepared by the Catalan Society of Legal Studies, an affiliate of the Institute of Catalan Studies, is a specialized encyclopedic dictionary which includes the main terms of the various disciplines of law -public, civil, criminal, procedural, canon, environmental, commercial... It also includes biographical reviews of Catalan distinguished jurists, legal and administrative phraseology, and most usual Latin expressions. In each entry synonyms, the equivalence in Spanish and the main related terms are included, and in some cases also the origin or etymology of the word.

The Diccionari jurídic català, whose preparation has involved more than three hundred reputed Catalan law specialists, lawyers and professors, contains some eight thousand entries in total, is free and allows you to carry out quick and varied searches, not only from the term, but also by subject matter or language of origin, among other possibilities.