This is a document that is used to request someone's presence at a particular place to carry out some administrative procedure.

Format: DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm).



A summons, like a meeting notice and other documents, follows a generally constant structure and complies essentially with the requirements of functionality and formality characterising official communications. The most noteworthy feature to be taken into account in composing such documents is

  • The need to be formal and concise, as this is an official communication issued by a person in virtue of his or her particular post or office.
  • In Catalan and Spanish the custom is to use the first person singular (I call/summon you ...), but in English the passive is quite appropriate: You are kindly requested ..., etc.



Summoning formulas:
•    You are kindly requested to come to these offices to ... 
•    Please come to this office ...

Formulas for giving other information:

- Please bring the following documents with you: 
- In accordance with ... , failure to appear will mean ...


1. Identification of the document

The details identifying the document must be written in the upper right-hand margin. They are as follows:

- Ref. ("reference"): the document's classification code for the issuing body.


2. Addressee 
The addressee's details, in full or short form, are written in the upper left-hand margin.

Full details:
- Name and surname(s)
- Street, number, floor and door 
- Post code and town/city 
Comarca, if appropriate 

Short form:
- Name and surname(s)
- Town/city


3. Body of the summons  
This part gives the following information in a single paragraph:

- The summons formula: In accordance with ..., you are kindly requested to come to this office ... 
- The reason for the summons. 
- The day and time or opening hours. 
- The address of the office in question. 
There is other complementary information which may be included: 
•  The provision in virtue of which the summons is being issued. 
•  The consequences of failure to appear by the person being summoned. 
•  Any documentation that must be presented.


4. Signature
This section includes the following items in the following order.

- The post held by the signer 
- Signature 
- Name and surname(s)


5. Date
This must include:
- The place where the summons is issued 
- Date: the day (in figures), the month (in letters) and the year (in figures and in full).




Albert Carulla i Deulofeu 
Alfons Sala, 39, 2n. 1a. 
08190 Sant Cugat del Vallès   

In accordance with the University's academic regulations, you are kindly requested to come to the Academic Management Service (Servei de Gestió Acadèmica, Carrer Balmes, 132, baixos) between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on 3 October to complete the missing information on your academic record and validate your credits in East Asian History.  

Failure to appear will imply renunciation of the validation of this subject.   

Ferran Amigó i Calvet    
Head of the Academic Management Service  

Barcelona, 20 June 1994