A brief text informing people who might be interested in something so that they are aware of it and can act accordingly. It is generally posted on a notice board like any other notice.

Format: DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm), or DIN A5 (210 x 148 mm).


In view of this document's function as a brief communication addressed to a relatively wide audience, special care should be taken with the following when writing one:

  • Present the information clearly and in a logical order.
  • Be concise. Select the most important information and express it fully, but concisely.
  • Use impersonal expressions (including the passive voice) or the first person plural (we): ... has been cancelled; we regret, we are sorry, etc.
  • Use impersonal expressions (including the passive voice) or the second person (you) for the addressee: ... must be presented, ... can be collected; you can contact...



- It is hereby communicated that ... 
- Students are hereby informed that ... 
- We are sorry to tell you / to have to inform you ... 
- Due to / because of / as a result of ... 
- Those interested may contact ... 
- For further information ... 
- We apologise for any inconvenience ...



1. Title

The document's title or identification is NOTICE and it must be highlighted typographically by the use of a large, bold, upper case typeface.


2. Body

This is where the information to be conveyed is set out in full in a concise and orderly fashion.
The information may be of the following kinds:

- A circumstance or circumstances that need to be communicated.

- The reasons for the circumstance and possible solutions or alternatives if it is detrimental to the people affected by it.

- An apology, if necessary.


3. Identification of the issuing unit or body 

Depending on the type of notification, it is appropriate to put the name of the unit or body issuing the notification, together with its address and the times it is open to the public, in a prominent place at the end.


4. Date 

This should comprise:

- The name of the town or city where the notice is issued.

- The date on which it is issued as follows: the day (in numbers), the month (in letters) and the year (in figures and in full).




All Law students are informed that the talk "Europe after Maastricht" that was to be given by Armand Estivill tomorrow, 25 May, at 12 noon, in the Balmes Conference Hall, has been postponed for a week due to scheduling problem. The talk will therefore take place on Tuesday, 1 June, at the same time and in the same place as originally announced.

The Administration Department, Balmes Study Area 

Barcelona, 4 May 1994